Arts & Culture An Intrinsic Platform

Art & Culture go hand in hand as far as creativity is concerned. Art proves to be beneficial for students in helping them learn about different cultures as well as their own. For example, Westerners can study Eastern art forms such as Japanese Pottery, Stamp Design on Cloth, or making Paper Cut Mola. In other words, Art & Culture is a striking blend, which helps to give new horizons to Art.

Learners should strive to increase their exposure to various forms of cultural arts. Art and Culture are one entity and artists must understand and respect the facts. Artists should especially become acquainted with the different types of art forms prevalent in their country’s culture. As a result, art is gaining new wings in its cultural and traditional background.

Film, Video Arts, Television and Digital Media, serve as great platforms for analyzing, interpreting or commenting on the diversity of Arts & Culture. If the platform plays the right role, then the importance of Art and Culture can be well highlighted.

This could shape a movement of its kind and could lead to further argumentation and research, which could help secure Arts & Culture’s undisputed place in education. Holding the next Exhibition can help promote, protect and preserve Unique and extinct Arts & Culture. This exhibition also encourages innovation and creativity of the artists.

Many institutions offer degrees in Arts and Culture as a subject. Several well-known institutions follow the dynamic blend of innovation and tradition, which has given birth to renowned artists. The students gain a comprehensive insight into the history of Art & Culture.

Through these institutions, students can expand their experience of the world of Cultural Arts and develop their potential and abilities in their fields. In addition, the Institute of Arts and Culture collaborates with Museums and Historic Homes to assist students in conducting research related to art.

Typically, a faculty made up of Artists, Dance Scholars, and Ethnographers guides students in earning a degree in Arts and Culture. The faculty helps students to develop critical and intercultural insights into the nature of human creativity. Diverse arts and cultural communities around the world benefit greatly from this program. A degree in Arts & Culture deals with intellectual and artistic fields rather than remaining an institutional academic discipline.

This program brings together the Teaching, Research and Performing of Cultural Arts. The students show an interest in sharing the gray and bright areas of different cultural identities and differences. They understand the meaning, scope and relevance of tradition in modern society. Artists, Scholars and Activists, interested in researching the definition of creative expression in the modern world, can take this programme.

A degree in Arts & Culture is invaluable to all artists, especially those related to the Performing Arts such as, dance and choreography. Arts & Culture offers great opportunities for those who wish to broaden and challenge cultural, intellectual and political horizons.

Arts and Culture students may pursue any of the following to pursue their careers in:
o Art Galleries and Museums
o Art Industry
o Community Arts and Crafts Center
o Culture and Tourism Village
o Event Coordination
o Media, Publishing and Advertising
o Private and Independent Drama Studio
o Professions such as, Lecturer, Da’wah, Law, Psychology, Public Relations, Social Services, Stage, Television, Video, Radio, and Film Industry
o Theater Design Therapist